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"Dr. Deutch blew us away with his knowledge and his caring demeanor. He took the time to explain every detail, in a language both my husband and I could understand, and offered to be available should we have additional questions. When test results came back showing my thyroid was above normal when trying to conceive, Dr. Deutch called me himself to discuss it. He is, hands-down, the best choice."

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"We came to see Dr. Deutch after unsuccessfully working with another IVF clinic. Dr. Deutch was very caring and professional. He was a perfect balance of empathy and straight forwardness which my husband and I appreciated. Based on my past IVF cycles and the information learned from the other clinic, Dr. Deutch personalized my plan. I felt for the first time that the IVF process was being tailored to me and my body versus at the other clinic where I just felt like I was a number on the assembly line. My husband and I became pregnant after one IVF cycle with twins."