Single Cycle IVF Plan

What is the single cycle plan?

The single cycle plan includes one cycle of IVF.

What is the cost?

  • Single cycle IVF plans start at $7,000 for our services. The regular price is $9,500. Please note this special is only for a limited time.

  • Advanced Reproductive Center is proud to offer a range of affordable plans.  For patients who desire a single cycle plan and require medication, we offer great options through our partnership with WINFertility.  WINFertility is a national leader in the infertility field and partners with a very exclusive group of fertility practices in order to ensure high quality care.  Because WINFertility has a national network of partner clinics it is able to negotiate extremely favorable pricing for fertility medications.  Our partnership with WINFertiltiy allows our patients access to these savings.  This partnership saves our patients thousands of dollars.  IVF packages purchased through WINFertiliy include our medical services bundled with fertility medication.  The cost of the packages varies based upon the medical services and medications required.  Our component of the package, the medical services, starts at $7,000 per cycle.  
  • For more information on our partnership with WINFertility call us at 815-229-1700.  
  • For patients who desire a single cycle plan, but do not require medication or desire a multiple cycle plan, our office can directly offer affordable pricing packages.  

What is included in the single cycle plan?

  • One IVF cycle.

  • Mock transfer, if needed.

  • Ovarian stimulation monitoring including blood work and ultrasounds may be included depending on the plan selected.

  • Oocyte (egg) retrieval.

  • Embryo Transfer.

  • Anesthesia fees.

  • ICSI, if needed, may be included depended on the plan selected.

What is not included in the single cycle plan?

  • Any testing or work up for infertility that is done in order to get ready for the IVF cycle including prenatal and infectious disease testing.
  • Embryo cryopreservation.
  • Any test or treatment that is done after the embryo transfer including pregnancy testing and pregnancy ultrasounds.


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