Frozen Donor Eggs (Cryopreserved Donor Oocytes)

Using frozen donor eggs (cryopreserved donor oocytes) can be a very good option to achieve a pregnancy.  In a frozen donor egg cycle, donor eggs are obtained from an egg bank and thawed.  The thawed eggs are mixed with sperm to create embryos.  The embryos are cultured for 3-5 days and then transferred to the uterus of the intended mother or gestational carrier.

Frozen donor eggs offer several advantages over the fresh donor egg process.

-        It is less expensive

-        It is usually more convenient as your cycle does not need to be coordinated with the donor’s cycle

-        It is less likely to result in a  cycle cancelation

-        The donors are pre-screened

As with all treatments there are disadvantages.  The main disadvantage of a frozen donor cycle is that as the intended parent, you receive a set number of eggs where in a fresh cycle you receive all the eggs that are obtained in the cycle.  In general, a fresh cycle results in having more eggs for the intended parents to use.  That said, success rates with frozen donor eggs remains high and the costs are significantly less.  According to the Society for Assisted Reproductive Technology success rates with fresh donor egg are only about 15 percentage points higher than with frozen donor egg.  However costs with frozen donor egg are usually 30 to 50% less. 

At the Advanced Reproductive Center we are pleased to announce an exclusive program with Graceful Conception.  Through this program we are able to offer a large selection of high quality egg donors at a very affordable price.  A fresh egg donor cycle usually costs at least $30,000 once medical costs, donor reimbursement, legal contracts, egg donor insurance, agency fees and medications are included.  Through our exclusive relationship with Graceful Conception we are able to provide shared egg donor cycles starting at $15,000. 

What is not included in the package:

-        ICSI, if needed

-        Medications for the recipient

-        Cryopreservation of any extra embryos

-        Legal fees for the recipient

-        Donor travel expenses, if needed 

What is included in our package:

-        Up to 6 eggs from a Graceful Conceptions egg donor

-        Reimbursement to the donor

-        Egg donor health insurance

-        Egg donor screening

-        Egg donor legal contract

-        Egg donor monitoring (if at our center)

-        Recipient monitoring (if at our center)

-        Egg donor retrieval

-        Anesthesia

-        Oocyte insemination

-        Embryo culture

-        Embryo transfer

-        Egg donor medications


To learn more about our Frozen Donor Eggs (Cryopreserved Donor Oocytes), contact the Advanced Reproductive Center. To schedule an appointment call us at 815-229-1700, or fill out the form below and we will contact you.

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