Financing Options

For patients who don’t have insurance coverage, paying for fertility treatment can be a burden. We have worked hard to keep our costs down and have developed innovative plans (including plans with money back guarantees). We have also developed options for patients unable to pay for treatment in one lump sum.    

In order to help alleviate the burden of upfront payment, we have partnered with WINFertility and CapexMD fertility financing.  By working with these companies, we can offer patients flexible payment options.  In addition, WINFertility offers significant discounts on medication costs.  WINFertility is a national leader in the infertility field and partners with a very exclusive group of fertility practices in order to ensure high quality care.  WINFertility works with only one clinic in each geographic area.  The Advanced Reproductive Center it the exclusive WINFertility partner in the area.  

Since WINFertility has a national network of partner clinics, it is able to negotiate extremely favorable pricing for fertility medications.  Our partnership with WINFertility allows our patients access to these savings.  This partnership saves our patients thousands of dollars.  IVF packages purchased through WINFertility include our medical services bundled with fertility medication. 


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