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"Dr. Todd Deutch and his clinic help my husband and me to realize our dream, and we nothing to say except for our deep appreciation!"
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"dr. deutch has the best bedside manner and is so compassionate. we now have two beautiful babies thanks to him. i would highly recommend dr. deutch to all of my friends and family."
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"I have absolutely nothing negative to say about any of my visits or the time I spent with the staff or Dr. Deutch. I would recommend him to anybody I know struggling with infertility!"

Dr. Deutch’s approach to medicine is to provide patient centered medical care that focuses on results while providing a supportive bedside manner. Having experienced fertility issues personally, Dr. Deutch brings a sense of compassion to his medical care not found in most practices. His clinical expertise encompasses all aspects of fertility care.

Dr. Todd Deutch is board-certified in Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility and Obstetrics and Gynecology. He completed his residency training at University of Chicago, where he was awarded for his excellence in laparoscopic surgery. Following residency, Dr. Deutch completed fellowship training in Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility at the Jones Institute of Reproductive Medicine. While at the Jones Institute, Dr. Deutch worked with pioneers in the field such as Dr. Howard Jones, the physician responsible for the birth of the first IVF baby in the United States. During his fellowship, Dr. Deutch also received the highly competitive National Institute of Health medical school repayment grant. Dr. Deutch is well published and has presented at both national and international forums. He is frequently asked to speak at major national medical conferences and national courses aimed at educating other fertility specialists. Dr. Deutch’s research has attracted international attention and he has been quoted in newspapers from as far away as England and Australia. He is an ambassador for the NIH loan repayment program and sits on the Medical Advisory Council of Jones Foundation and acts as a Grant Reviewer. The Jones Foundation awards some of the largest private grants in the field of reproductive medicine.

Dr. Deutch and his wife are proud parents to three children; a set of boy/girl twins and a baby girl. He truly enjoys working with patients to help them achieve their dream of becoming parents.

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