Why Choose ARC?


1. Unmatched Success and Efficiency

ARC is dedicated to making your dreams of a family into reality. From our knowledgeable and experienced staff to our state of the art equipment, ARC generates excellent outcomes for our patients. We give you the best chance at starting a family, in the shortest possible amount of time.

2. We believe the dream of starting a family, should be affordable for everyone.

Our pricing structure is simple, understandable and highly affordable.  At the Advanced Reproductive Center we refuse to compromise, we don’t take shortcuts, and we don’t cut corners. We offer the same high quality testing and individualized treatment plans found at the most expensive clinics, but priced thousands less. ARC understands the reality of financial constraints associated with all treatments, we have been incredibly innovative in maximizing success while minimizing price. While we take a wide range of insurances, we also offer ivf programs designed to give our patients without insurance coverage the chance to starting a family. 

3.  Our focus is you.

At ARC, we are committed to making your fertility experience as stress-free as possible. We listen to your needs, we make you a well informed consumer, lay out all your options and provide
you with first rate fertility care.  We will offer you a customized treatment plan, tailored to your needs. Our team will be with you from the start, to the finish, until we have realized your fertility goals


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