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Note From Dr. Todd Deutch

I have personally experienced infertility. Having been through everything from Clomid to IVF, I have gained a perspective that is unique from most fertility doctors. I know what it feels like to be a fertility patient. I understand the emotions because I myself have felt them. While it was not an experience I nor anyone else willingly seeks out in the end I believe it has made me a better and more caring physician.  

The Advanced Reproductive Center is focused on achieving the 3Cs: Compassion, Cost and Conception.  

Compassion: We provide the highest quality medical care in a caring and compassionate atmosphere. 

Cost: We offer the highest quality care while keeping costs affordable by participating in most major insurances and offering package pricing and patient financing.

Conception: We want you to conceive and helping patients meet their fertility goals is our passion. 

Experience has taught me that these three basic principles are paramount to ensuring excellent patient centered care. 

I look forward to helping guide you through your fertility journey. Please feel free to contact us with questions you may have.

Todd Deutch MD

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