IVF Plans & Prices

We believe in upfront, honest pricing with no hidden fees. When considering “value,” make sure you factor in success. While fertility doctors, clinics, and fertility treatments vary from office to office, our commitment to your goals will always remain constant. Of course, our history of success is well documented by data and the testimonials of many.

For patients without insurance, our self-pay pricing is detailed below.  These plans are for medical services and do not include pre- and post- cycle services and medications.  Some laboratory fees are an additional cost.

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Single-Cycle IVF Plan*

$7,000 – $9,500

(discounted pricing is available when purchased as part of a plan that includes medications. See the Single-Cycle IVF Plan page for more details.)

Multiple-Cycle IVF Plan

$18,000 Multiple Cycle

IVF Plan With Money Back Guarantee

$19,500 – 28,000

Donor Egg Cycle


Cryopreserved Embryo Cycle


Helping You Conceive is Our Number One Priority

There are many proactive measures we take to ensure our patients have high success rates at a reasonable price. Success rates with fertility treatment are extremely important. IVF treatment quality and pregnancy rates can vary dramatically from clinic to clinic. For instance, in 2011 in Illinois, success rates per embryo transfer in women younger than 35 ranged from 22.4% on the low end to 69.2% on the high end.

There are many reasons why IVF success rates may vary so drastically from clinic to clinic. Unfortunately, the fact that they do makes it difficult or impossible to compare success rates between clinics directly. That said, there are some measures we take Advanced Reproductive Center to maximize the chances of conception.

At Advanced Reproductive Center, we maximize success rates by:

  1. Thoroughly and completely evaluating patients
  2. Paying close attention to detail
  3. Personalizing treatment plans
  4. Employing top quality technology and staff
  5. Working with some of the best labs in the country

We recently partnered with aParent IVF, which is acknowledged to be one of the best embryology labs in the country. By working with aParent IVF, we will be able to further increase our success rates. And we will soon be able to offer our patients success rates among the best in the nation!

For affordable fertility treatment in Chicago, from artificial insemination to endometriosis treatment, you need the help of Advanced Reproductive Center. Give our compassionate staff a call at 312.485.4847 today to learn more!