The Cost of Treatment

Cost is a considerable consideration with fertility treatment. Our goal is to offer you the best quality care and highest chance of success at the lowest possible price.

There are several factors that go into making this goal a reality. The first is making sure that each and every patient is treated as an individual. Dr. Deutch understands that each patient is unique and that one treatment plan does not fit all. Therefore, we take extreme care in developing a treatment plan for each patient that will minimize cost while maximizing the chance of success.

There are a range of available options when it comes to fertility treatment. Some such as intrauterine inseminations are relatively inexpensive while others like IVF and donor egg are more costly. Therefore, the best way to control costs is to avoid unnecessary tests and treatment options and not over treat.

Once an appropriate treatment plan is in place the next step is to ensure that the treatment is as affordable as possible. At the Advanced Reproductive Center we refuse to compromise. We have been incredibly innovative in maximizing success while minimizing price.

We take a wide range of insurances. We also have single cycle IVF plans with cash discounts, multiple cycle plans and money back guarantee plans (for more information on these plans see our IVF prices page). We also offer convenient financing options. We understand that paying for fertility treatment in one lump sum, upfront payment is difficult for some patients. Therefore, we have partnered with WINFertility and CapexMD to provide financing options to our patients. WINFertility is a national leader in the infertility field and partners with a very exclusive group of fertility practices in order to ensure high quality care. Because WINFertility has a national network of partner clinics in addition to financing it is also able to negotiate extremely favorable pricing for fertility medications.  Our partnership with WINFertility allows our patients access to these savings. This partnership saves our patients thousands of dollars. IVF packages purchased through WINFertility include our medical services bundled with fertility medication. 

The last part of the cost equation is honesty. We are upfront with our fees. The details of our IVF packages are listed on our website with prices. We don’t believe in hidden fees or adding on expensive extras with little to no reason.


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